11 Korean Dramas which will make your October Packed.

11 Korean Dramas which will make your October Packed.

October 4, 2018 0 By apeksha0606

October has arrived, So are Korean Dramas, Kdrama world is also ready to Make it busy for you guys.

Here is a list of Korean Dramas airing in October that will surely make your October packed.

11 Korean Drama airing this October.



It follows the lives of employees at Incheon Airport. A human melodrama about a man and a woman who meets in the middle of Seoul and slowly heal their emotional wounds through music, food, and people.



Like many fathers, Ji Cheol has two jobs. His job in the outside world is a detective who’s on the serious crime squad. Unlike the team’s name, Ji Cheol himself is very unmotivated and lazy.

Then suddenly, things go from bad to worse when he gets himself in a pickle and has to face the possibility of getting fired. His second job is being the breadwinner for his family.

However, he is not very good at this job either and is considered incompetent by both his wife and his daughter since he cannot make much money. To make it worse, his wife even asks him for a divorce.

Furthermore, he gets involved in a situation and gets suspended for half a year which makes it impossible for him to support his own family, and his daughter gets into trouble and needs money to settle.

Ji Cheol is in a dilemma and decides to risk everything he has in order to turn things around. Having been a boxer in the past, he decides to get involved in an illegal boxing game in order to win money.



Jo Seok-Moo graduated from a prestigious university, but he pursued his dream of becoming a musician rather than finding a traditional job.

Jo Seok-Moo did not become a musician and because of his advanced age, he could not land a decent job. He then began Working at a security service company.

There, he met Kang Whee-Roo for the first time as his customer. They have been married for 3 years now, but Jo Seok-Moo asks for a divorce. They do not have very much in common.

Jo Seok-Moo has a stubborn personality and enjoys spending time alone, while Kang Whee-Roo is easy-going and has a positive personality. In front of them, the married couple of Jin Yoo-Young and Lee Jang-Hyun appear.

Jin Yoo-Young is Jo Seok-Moo’s, first love.



Go Ae Rin is a single mother who after unexpectedly losing her husband, gets involved in a spy war. She lives in the apartment in front of Kim Bon.

Kim Bon, who’s code name is Terius, is a legendary black ops agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who has gone into hiding after disappearing without a trace.

3 years ago in a failed secret operation, he lost the woman he loved. Since then, Kim Bon has hidden away in his apartment, next to Go Ae Rin, isolated from the world around him and living in secrecy, trying to uncover the mystery behind what happened Back then.

When a mysterious incident arises in which Go Ae Rin’s husband dies, they both team up to uncover a huge conspiracy which Go Ae Rin’s husband had become involved in.

Joining them is Jin Young Tae, a former con man who may hold the key to what Go Ae Rin and Kim Bon are searching for, and Yoo Ji Yeon, a fellow NIS agent who appears cold and unfeeling on the outside but harbors feelings towards Kim Bon, who she is kind towards.



Heart Surgeons tells the life story of three thoracic surgeons in a hospital, Centering on-a fellow in the thoracic department whose mother is waiting for a transplant and a renowned thoracic surgeon who doesn’t receive the respect he Deserves.



A TV series centered around the unfolding relationship between free and unpredictable yet dangerous Kim Moo Young, who is called a “monster”.

He is the first assistant in a Korean beer brewery who becomes a suspect when his girlfriend’s suicide turns out to be murder. His life begins to change when he meets a kind, warm advertising designer named Yoo Jin Kang, who wishes to be Moo Young’s safe haven.

She bears as many emotional scars as him. Yoo Jin Kang also has a brother, a homicide detective named Yoo Jin Gook, with 27 years of job experience. He strives to “reveal” who Moo Young really is and attempts to keep his sister, Jin Kang, away from Moo Young, with whom she begins to know.


7. ROOM NO.9

The story of two women whose fate is switched as they exchange bodies, and a man who holds the key to that fate.



At 20 years old, On Joon Yeong is-a nerdy, a smart university student who wears plain clothes, plain glasses and doesn’t obsess over fashion.

He plans everything in his day meticulously, grows frustrated easily, overthinks things and is very sensitive. With the guidance of his friends, he takes part in a blind date where he meets Lee Yeong Jae.

Lee Yeong Jae is also 20 years old, doesn’t attend university and instead works as an assistant hairdresser. Lee Yeong Jae has had a difficult life and is an orphan who looks up immensely to her brother, Lee Soo Jae, a barista.

She is honest, hardworking and somewhat daring and the complete opposite to Oh Joon Yeong. Her dream is to become rich, though she would rather get there by her own perseverance.

One day, her friend takes her to a blind date group with university students. At the meet, she encounters Joon Yeong and goes on a date with him. From there, at 20 years old, their love story begins.



This drama tells the story of a young boy who travels to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. expedition to Korea) and returns to his homeland later as an American soldier. He then meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter.



A crime proceeds redemption team consists of a smart swindler, a fighter, a hacker, and a driver. The crime proceeds redemption team attempts to take back property hidden away by criminals.

Kang Ha-Ri and Cha A-Ryeong are members of the crime proceeds redemption team. Cha A-Ryeong was abandoned by her parents when she was little and she is skilled at driving.



Ms. Ma was falsely accused of killing her daughter. After escapes from prison, she tries to clear her name and reveal the truth about her daughter’s death.


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